Mission Statement

Established in 1996, Sindyanna of Galilee is a registered non-profit organization. Led by women striving for a social change, it operates in the Arab population in the Galilee region, northern Israel, and seeks to help growers and producers from the Palestinian Occupied Territories. Furthermore, Sindyanna combines commercial activity with work in the community, thereby enhancing Arab women's empowerment while developing the olive industry. Our focal points stress values such as land preservation, environmental considerations, and commerce on the principle of fair trade.

Sindyanna symbolizes a unique cooperation between Arabs and Jews, striving to strengthen the economy of the Arab-Palestinian population, both in Israel and in the Occupied Territories. Sindyanna is not only a means of helping farmers and growers from the South, but also a way of showing that a solution to the Middle East conflict starts at opening real economic opportunities.

Range of Products

  • Sindyanna's line of products for 2009 includes the following:
  • Olive oil, organic and non-organic
  • Za'atar mixtures and leaves
  • 5 types of olive oil soap + olive wood soap dish
  • Carob syrup
  • Honey
  • Almonds
  • Baskets
  • Olive Oil - The present stock was produced from the 2008 olive harvest, which has taken place in November-December. Olive oil supply was received from 5 different manufacturers, comprising of family producers of 10 persons or more, who benefit directly from selling their olive oil produce. All our suppliers are farmers from villages in northern Israel, including the western Galilee, Wadi Arra, and the Nazareth area.

Za’atar - Za'atar distributed by Sindyanna is produced by a farmers' cooperative in Jericho. The cooperative has 55 member families, providing them with benefits from selling its products.

Olive Oil Soap - Our soap is produced in Nablus, in the territories of the Palestinian Authority, providing livelihood for 7 families. In addition, we buy olive oil as well as additives to olive oil soap (milk, honey, lemon), from villages near Nablus.

Growers and Producers
Sindyanna of Galilee buys its raw materials from local producers, over 200 families, both in Israel and in the West Bank.

Currently, Sindyanna sells its products to more than 35 customers, mainly fair trade companies and various organizations abroad, which make an order at least once a year.
Among our partner organizations are the following:
· EZA – Austria
· Alternativa3 – Spain
· Les Magasins du Monde Oxfam, OWW – Belgium
· TTV – Canada.
· Palestine Olive, J-net – Japan
· Chico Mendes, Liberomondo – Italy
· Serrve, TTV, Dr, Bronners' – USA
· Oxfam – Australia
· Claro – Switzerland
· Hadeel/Palcrafts, Zaytoun, LUSH – UK

Increase in Revenues and Market Share
2008 marked a steady increase in Sindyanna's sales volume:

Olive oil - from an overall export of 20 tons of olive oil in 2004, to 40 tons in 2008, of which 25% organic olive oil. We plan to increase our olive oil export to 50 tons in 2009
Olive oil soap bars - in 1998, 2,000 bars, whereas in 2008 more than 64,000 were sold . We would like to increase this figure and add new types of soap in 2009 as well. Recently we have started to market Sindyanna's soap with olive wood dish in cooperation with The Holy Land Handicrafts Coop. from Beit-Sahur.
The following chart demonstrates the turnover increase for the time period of 2005-2008:
Turnover (USD)

Sindyanna provides jobs for 11 women - 5 women are working in the production line, 2 in management, and another 2 are working part-time in accounting and administration. A single woman is working part-time as a saleswomen, and another one as a handcrafts teacher and art designer in our basket weaving project.
Many volunteers, local and international, help us in different ways: website design, video and photo documentation, content translation into English and other languages, distribution of products in the local market etc.

The warehouse
In June 2005 we moved from our tiny room in the village of Majd al-Qrum, to a bigger and more modern warehouse, located in Kufr Kana (Kana of Galilee) near Nazareth. Investment in equipment was made, and in 2005 we bought a semi automatic capping machine.
At the end of 2008, a semi automatic filling machine was purchased. In the future we hope to be able to turn this equipment into a full production line which will also include a labelling machine.

Investments & Prospects for the Future
We invest our profits in:
a. Developing warehouse equipment and our production capacity.
b. Women's training project. Basket weaving.
c. Networking campaign to bring Arab women back to work.
d. Promoting Arab artists: postcards & calendar
e. Farmers training in olive growing and production of olive oil
One of our main tasks for the upcoming year is to develop our basket weaving project, providing jobs for more women and adding a brand new dimension to our line of products.
Another goal is to plant olive trees in plots belonging to Arab farmers and to earn organic certification for those orchards. This project will serve to preserve Arab-owned land from expropriation and to develop an industry of production and marketing of olive products, especially organic olive oil.